Top 5 tips for buying a used car

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Finding a good condition Used car can be easier said than done. But keeping in mind few tips you can crack the best deal for you. 

Research before purchase

Check Online websites like that give experts and buyers reviews about various cars model. Online forums give an idea about popular models, pros, and cons about models and user experience.

Don’t Forget your Budget

Keeping a budget in mind eases your decision. It gives you the freedom to choose the right a car for you in less time.

Take a close look

The things you are looking for your car, like the condition of AC, lights, car seats, signs of dents, the color of the car, door seals, the proper condition of Engine etc.

Take a long Drive

Go for at least an hour of the drive before buying a used car. This will gives clear idea about the proper functioning of the engine, whether it’s heating up quickly or not. The car is the drive is smooth or with lots of jerks, does it make noise or not etc.

Drive a hard bargain

A bargain is available everywhere. Always give a hint that you want negotiations and talk openly.

These are my favorite Top 5 tips for buying a used car. Do keep this in mind while buying a new car. And don’t forget to share your experience

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